Just Remember The Three Slimkids Laws

Always eat a healthy diet. Portion size is important. Did you know a normal portion size of pasta is only about 1/2 cup? Most kids can and will eat an entire plate of pasta; what happens to all that extra pasta? Yup, it's stored as fat! You can eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and other foods you like, as long as you don't eat really big portion sizes.

Imagine what fun you can have increasing your physical activity every day! Did you ever wonder what was going on outside while you're busy watching too much television? Turn off the TV set, video game, or computer and go walk the dog. If you don't have a dog -- go for an adventure anyway!  Exercise is fun -- and there are so many ways you can stay physically fit! It's true, if you want to lose weight, your body needs to burn off the food you eat plus burn off some stored fat. 30 minutes a day of any activity is all it takes. The more you do, the quicker you'll lose weight. It's a great deal -- try it and see!

Get rid of bad habits that have made you overweight, like watching too much TV or skipping meals.

The Slimkids Program will show you how to lose weight and we will give you support if you need the help or you have questions while you are following the program - we care and we want you to succeed.

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Parents -- Donít allow your overweight or obese child or obese teen to practice unsafe diets or other means to lose weight.  In todayís diet conscious world, even second graders are concerned about being fat.  When asked about what concerned them, many said they wanted to be "skinny" and would go on a "diet" to lose weight.  You canít stop your child or teen from wanting to look like a TV or a movie star.  What they weigh and what they look like is a big concern to them.  What you can do as a parent is to teach or to ensure your child or teen learns about healthy eating, exercise and the consequences of fad diets, starvation diets and other unsafe practices to lose weight.  Raise their self-esteem and let know that everybody has a different body type and not everyone could possible look like what the media portrays as the normal body.


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