These are real testimonials from our web program and from our face to face weight loss groups. Thousands of overweight and obese children and teens have lost weight on our program, your child can too.

Before and after: 10 years old, twenty pounds lost in three months.

Our daughter came to us asking to please help her lose weight and we searched for various programs till we found slimkids. We wanted to show her that it has nothing to do with being skinny...its about being healthy. She has been on the program for 3 months and has lost 20 lbs. She is a totally different person...her self confidence and self esteem has sky rocketed and we have Slimkids to thank for that. You have an amazing program...words can not express what it has done for our daughter.


The above picture and the testimonial below was sent in by a happy grandmother!

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!  Several months ago I ordered your program for my 7 year old Granddaughter Taryn.  Her Mother & Daddy started her on the program Wednesday, February 20th... 1st week Taryn lost 5 lbs... 2nd week she lost 2 lbs and 3rd week, Wed. Mar. 13th she lost 1 pound but is wearing a pair of jeans that she could not even zip up 3 weeks ago!!!  We are all so proud of her and we're so excited. Thank You & God Bless!"

This 9 yr old lost 16 pounds in 3 months! This high school student lost a whopping 37 pounds in 4 short months!


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New E-mail!!!

Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2012 2:07 PM


Subject: Thank you

My son has lost 30lbs in 10 weeks with your program.(from 193lbs to 163lbs  5'11"   14 years old)

It really worked.  Thank you. 

My son is very happy with the result. Your conventional weight loss program worked the best. (non of the big name weight-loss program worked) I will definitely recommend your program to other people.

Thx again, S. M.

Another e-mail from March-

Dear SlimKids,

I was searching around for websites to help my son with weight loss after he was told by his pediatrician back in January that he was 30 lbs overweight and especially after I saw the look on his face when the doctor told him that. It was time to do something.  I came across your webpage about 10 weeks ago.  My son and I read the articles and looked at the sample menus.  He definitely thought this was something he could do.  For the little bit and I mean little bit of money I spent ordering your program it has meant the world to my son.  He was excited after we checked his weight on your weight calculator which told him he should really be around 112 lbs.  This made more sense than what the doctor told him.  My son, Michael, is only 13 years old and in the short 8 weeks he has been on the program he has lost 16 lbs and is starting to feel great about himself.  He is already pretty active with Karate and Football so the exercise part of it was easy.  It is nice to see him smile again when looking at himself in the mirror or if we go out somewhere.  He only has 6 to 7 more lbs to get to the weight he wants to.  Itís funny, I told him in the beginning, to help him out I would do the diet with him and I have lost 10lbs myself.  With that said, I would like to tell all parents if you have a child overweight, this is the program for you.  It really works and teaches the kids a life change and how to properly chose the foods they eat.  My son did not want his picture taken so unfortunately I donít have that to share but Thank You for providing such a great program. 

Kim , Palm Beach, March 19, 2013

Dear Mrs. Kraemer, You probably don't remember me, but I called you in March about your Slimkids plan.  I was desperate to help my 8 year old son who struggled with his weight.  He had asthma really bad and was off and on steroids.  The kid just couldn't get a break.  After speaking with you, I did order your Slim Kids plan.  We followed it as a family.  To date, my son has lost 21 pounds!  The other day he told me that he is finally happy with the way he looks.  I am so very proud of him.  He is more active and he is even playing football and keeping up with the rigorous workouts.  That would never have been possible with all of that extra weight.  His asthma is much better too.  His medication has been decreased.

I cannot thank you enough! 
God Bless you!
Take care,
Pam,  Oct 5th, 2012



Subj: I love your diet

I have been on your diet for 3 months and i have lost
16 lbs i admire you and i hope your program can help
many kids that are over weight or think they are!
Thanks - Kayla

What real kids who have gone through the program have written:

  • I would recommend this program to my friends because if they are overweight, I donít want to see them suffer. - 12 year old boy
  • Try this diet, itís fun and it can help you. - 9 yr. old girl
  • Thank you for helping on my journey to weight-loss and accomplishing my goals. Tom - 11 year old
  • I think you should have Slimkids and Slimadults. - 6 year old girl
  • Thank you for helping me through the weight- loss program and for giving me the confidence to guide me through it. Mike - 11 yrs old

These are real testimonials!
"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the program. My son, age 9, just started it last week and he's lost 5 lbs. We are extremely happy with the changing of his eating habits. Although is was a little tough on the weekend, we kept our positive attitudes and kept encouraging him with the long term results. Having him help plan his meals was a key part to his successful first week. Thank you! Not only has this helped my son, it has helped make our home a healthy one!" - Best regards, LM  

I just wanted to say Thank You for making this program available.  I ordered your program nearly 2 months ago for my daughter.  She has lost 17 pounds, effortlessly.  Her whole way of approaching food has changed for the better.  We have not had potato chips or any type of junk food in the house since we started this plan, and she doesn't even ask for it.  She seems more satisfied after meals, never asks for snacks, I'm just blown away by this.  She looks absolutely fabulous, and she got her part in the Nutcracker Ballet this year.  She's still about 9 pounds from her ideal weight, but from what she's lost already, she looks like a whole different kid. It's always been rough on her, having the extra weight, especially since her sister is *very* petite. 
I'm just amazed at how easy this was to follow, and eternally grateful....because my daughter is happier and healthier, and I haven't seen her this sure of herself, ever.  I took her shopping for new clothes last week because her old jeans were falling off her.  She's down from a size 12 to a size 8...and even the 8 is looking baggy.  Once she loses the last 9 pounds, I'll be taking her back for sz 6.  Incredible!  
I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic and easy plan this was, and how pleased I am to have found it.  I am one very happy Mom!

"This program is great--my daughter Megan is 8yrs old--weighed:120lbs & in one week lost 7lbs!! She's very happy--her and I (mother) are both losing weight!! and we're more active!!"

More real testimonials:

  "My son  participated in your program about 5 years ago when we lived in New York.  He lost about 18 pounds during the time and kept it off for a long time.  About 3 years ago we moved to North Carolina.  During that time, the transition was difficult for him, he hit a growth spurt and put on approximately 16 pounds.  He has continued to grow (almost 5'8).  He decided it was time to get back on track and go back to the basics that he learned during your program. Unfortunately, during the move, all of the literature we received was lost so we were going from memory.  He changed his lifestyle dramatically in April of this year and through a lot of hard work and exercise, he has gone from 178 to 162.  He is interested in dropping 5 more pounds.   He is thrilled at his new look and actually has gotten rid of all his baggy clothes and replaced them with more form fitting
clothes.  I just found out you have a website and will refer my son to it. After looking over the website and remembering how my son benefited from your program, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work and time you have put into it.  My son is a happier, more confident
person and has very high self-esteem.  The look on my son's face when he looks in the mirror is priceless.  Thank you for this program." 

"Highly recommend this program even without a need to lose weight."

"I found the program very educational for my child as well as myself. I think the information we both learned will change our futures. Thank You."

"Very satisfied with the program!! Great job."

"I found the program to be very educational. It was taught on a level the child could relate to and understand, I also learned a lot."

"Thank you for helping us learn about weight management and healthy living. Everything you have taught us has helped a lot."

"I think the program is very informative and covered the aspects for losing weight."

"This is a great program and is presented in an excellent manor. Thank you very much for your help!!"

"Very pleased with the program."

"Great very informative. We had a great time and learned so much. Thanks for a healthy way to live."

"Thanks for all the help and encouragement. You donít know what this weight loss has meant to him. He has so much confidence and feels good about himself now. We are very proud of his accomplishments."  



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