Slimkids is committed to promoting only healthy weight control methods.  Ideally, losing weight is a long-term commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Our program emphasizes lasting lifestyle changes that stress enjoyable activity, moderate eating, self-acceptance, and a positive outlook.  This approach is the only way that weight lost will most likely be kept off.  The result is a happier child.  Your child will lose weight while gaining self-confidence.

Thousands of kids have lost weight on this healthy program. Below are just a few of the results we see when kids follow the Slimkids program:

  • A.J.- 14 yr. old boy lost 37 lbs and grew 1 inch in 16 weeks.
  • L.P.- 10 yr. old girl lost 27 lbs and grew 1 inch in 13 weeks.  9 months later she had lost a total of 37 lbs and had grown an additional Ĺ inch.
  • D.C. -10 yr old boy lost13 lbs and grew 1 inch in 10 weeks.
  • C.G. - 18 yr old girl lost 31 lbs in 16 weeks, her height was unchanged.11 months later she had maintained her weight loss within 5 lbs and was headed to college.
  • S.S. - 8 yr. old girl lost 11 lbs. and grew Ĺ inch in 10 weeks.
  • P. R. Ė 11yr old boy lost 14 pounds in 10 weeks.
  • C.C. - 8yr old girl lost 17 pounds in 10 weeks, Her mother states "her asthma is finally under control."

  Dear Slimkids,

 I was searching around for websites to help my son with weight loss after he was told by his pediatrician back in January that he was 30 lbs overweight and especially after I saw the look on his face when the doctor told him that. It was time to do something.  I came across your webpage about 10 weeks ago.  My son and I read the articles and looked at the sample menus.  He definitely thought this was something he could do.  For the little bit and I mean little bit of money I spent ordering your program it has meant the world to my son.  He was excited after we checked his weight on your weight calculator which told him he should really be around 112 lbs.  This made more sense than what the doctor told him.  My son, Michael, is only 13 years old and in the short 8 weeks he has been on the program he has lost 16 lbs and is starting to feel great about himself.  He is already pretty active with Karate and Football so the exercise part of it was easy.  It is nice to see him smile again when looking at himself in the mirror or if we go out somewhere.  He only has 6 to 7 more lbs to get to the weight he wants to.  Itís funny, I told him in the beginning, to help him out I would do the diet with him and I have lost 10lbs myself.  With that said, I would like to tell all parents if you have a child overweight, this is the program for you.  It really works and teaches the kids a life change and how to properly chose the foods they eat.  My son did not want his picture taken so unfortunately I donít have that to share but Thank You for providing such a great program.  Kim, West Palm Beach 

Dear Mrs. Kraemer, You probably don't remember me, but I called you in March about your Slimkids plan.  I was desperate to help my 8 year old son who struggled with his weight.  He had asthma really bad and was off and on steroids.  The kid just couldn't get a break.  After speaking with you, I did order your Slimkids plan.  We followed it as a family.  To date, my son has lost 21 pounds!  The other day he told me that he is finally happy with the way he looks.  I am so very proud of him.  He is more active and he is even playing football and keeping up with the rigorous workouts.  That would never have been possible with all of that extra weight.  His asthma is much better too.  His medication has been decreased. I cannot thank you enough! God Bless you! Take care, Pam


This program has changed the lives of so many kids and teens.  We care about how overweight kids feel about themselves, that's why our program addresses the self-esteem issues overweight kids and teens face everyday of their life.  The Slimkids program will teach you everything you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.  Losing weight the healthy way is easier, safer, and it makes your parents and doctor happy!  Many doctors and other health professionals have ordered this program for their own kids, so you know it's safe!

It's the only professional doctor and dietician approved, healthy eating program designed to help overweight or obese children and overweight and obese teens of all ages, lose weight, easily and safely at home.

The program provides a wide variety of foods to meet the nutritional requirements needed to fuel growth and development.  The program includes foods from the  basic food groups and closely follows the U.S. dietary guidelines for Americans set out by the U.S.D.A.  The daily average caloric intake of the program is 1500-1800 calories, which includes 64 grams of fat.  Kids can eat hamburgers and hot dogs and still lose weight!

We make it easy for even a child to learn healthy eating and weight control.  There is no need to count calories; our program is set up for kids and parents to choose healthy portions on a daily basis.  There are no gimmicks, no special foods.  It's simple!  Kids eat the foods they like, while they learn to lose weight. 



Parents -- Donít allow your child or teen to practice unsafe diets or other means to lose weight.  In todayís diet conscious world, even second graders are concerned about being fat.  When asked about what concerned them, many said they wanted to be "skinny" and would go on a "diet" to lose weight.  You canít stop your child or teen from wanting to look like a TV or a movie star.  What they weigh and what they look like is a big concern to them.  What you can do as a parent is to teach or to ensure your child or teen learns about healthy eating, exercise and the consequences of fad diets, starvation diets and other unsafe practices to lose weight.  Raise their self-esteem and let know that everybody has a different body type and not everyone could possible look like what the media portrays as the normal body.

  • Stress daily activity and healthy snacking.
  • Limit TV, video games and computer work to two hours a day.
  • Get involved by walking with your child or teen.
  • Praise them and their healthy eating and exercise practices.

This easy to follow weight-loss program can only be ordered through our website and is not found in any store.  Package includes everything you need to ensure your child or teen will start losing weight the very first week.  You get an illustrated program book including menus, easy new recipes, holiday, after school and fast food solutions, illustrated folder, 10 weeks of daily food journals to  fill out, and unlimited e-mail support.  F.A.Q. page.

Don't ignore your child's or teen's weight problem-help them. 

Slimkids was written by a former overweight teenager, now a professional nurse.  Author and Slimkids instructor, Laura Kraemer RN, CPN, is committed to helping overweight kids lose weight.

"I know how it was to grow up overweight, that's why I wrote the program."  Most overweight kids are desperate to lose weight.  "Give kids a weight-loss program written exclusively for them, and they will lose weight."

- Laura Kraemer MSN, RN, CPN
Slimkids Author & Instructor

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