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 The Slimkids healthy eating program has been helping overweight children and teens for 2 decades. We can help!! Summer time is coming!

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This 7 year old easily lost 14 pounds on the Slimkids program! Your child can too!
E.J. lost 22lbs. in 10 weeks on the Slimkids diet!

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This high school student lost a whopping 37 pounds in 4 short months!
Kids today are leading a sedentary lifestyle.  They sit all day at school and then come home to TV, video games and junk food.  Is it any wonder one out of four of today's children face obesity problems?
If your child is overweight, don't explain it away as "baby fat".  Chances are, the problem won't go away.  Ignoring your child's weight problem can lead to more serious problems in the future.  By helping your child lose weight you can boost their self-esteem and give him or her a healthy, happy way to live that will literally be life-changing.
School nurses, fitness clubs, doctors, and even dentists have ordered the very affordable, do at home, Slimkids Program for their overweight clients and patients! You can too! Plus, we will give you one year of support to help you along the way to healthy weight.

    You  can help your overweight child or obese teen lose weight using a diet program developed just for kids. You can boost their self-esteem, and you can give him or her a healthy, happy way to live that will literally be life-changing.         

All you need is one very affordable Slimkids diet program to make a BIG difference in an overweight child or teens life. Are you ready to help your child or teen?  

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"I know just how overweight kids' feel, I used to be one!  Because of that, I developed this easy to follow program." "I promise, if your child or teen follows the Slimkids home program, they will lose weight."    Laura Kraemer MSN RN  






Your overweight child or teen can easily and safely lose weight in your own home; guaranteed!  

Teacher's and Nurse's: Encourage your schools to get involved in your student's health



Read About Childhood Obesity and teen obesity  - Simple, understandable help and information for the parents of obese children and obese teens.






Slimkids is for Overweight children  or overweight, obese teens. It's a healthy weight loss program  for obese kids, obese children,  teens. We offer weight loss help for overweight children, overweight teens, height and weight chart/ weight calculator and a healthy weight diet .

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